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Why Do Donkeys Multi Table?

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So I'm playing a few games for my Double or Nothing Sit-n-Go Challenge and I notice a few of the same players at all of my tables.

Some of them I recognize as solid DoN regulars but one I know is a losing player and after checking the stats of another I see he has poor stats as well.


I know this blog is only a few days old and only a few other people besides myself have visited it but maybe one day someone will land here and be able to answer the question?

The whole point of playing multiple tables is to capitalize on your win rate to multiply your hourly profit.

If you play one game at a time and average $3 per game and each game takes an hour, you're making $3/hr. If you were to play 6 games at a time your win rate will probably go down but lets say your average is still $2/game, you're now making $12/hr.

If you're average tells you you're losing money each game, playing more tables means you're just multiplying your loses.

I understand that most people play online poker for fun, and don't really care about winning any money and by all means keep it up! It doesn't cost a lot and it is entertaining. Does it make it 4x as much fun to play 4 tables?

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MicroRoller Says....

OK, I'm seeing this more and more. I just played some games and noticed 4 players with negative ROI playing at least 6 tables.

Maybe they're trying to earn points for the PokerStars VIP Store Sale. Possibly trying to earn a bonus, but at the rate at least one of them was going, the $50 bonus won't cover his loses.

I don't mind though. The more bad players at the tables the better :) When they don't suck out on me that is.

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