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DoN SnG Challenge Update 4

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In my last Double or Nothing Sit-N-Go Challenge update I mentioned that my bankroll was almost $400 and I would be increasing the number of tables I play at a time to 6, up from 4.

Things were going really well with 6 tables and I managed to get my challenge bankroll up to $439.

Then things got a little rocky as you can see from the chart. I went on a bit of a losing streak all the way down to around $350 where I switched back to 4 tables until I could re-evaluate what was going on.

I have an idea. I was playing bad. A combination of bad decisions, bad luck and stupid mistakes. I mean really stupid. A lot of misclicks.

As you can see from the chart, around session 120 I went on a tear. It felt like any time I threw chips in the pot, I got back 2-3x as many without any effort. This type of over confidence coupled with playing more tables really did me in. Once I wasn't winning every pot I played I had to play better, but I didn't.

There were also some bad beats along the way which didn't help.

I also give some players too much credit. At these micro limits, a lot of players don't think of anything other than what their cards are. They don't think of what your range might be. It's nearly impossible at times to steal and re-steal. I can fold for 6 orbits in a row, not even completing my small blind and the only hands they've seen me show are group I hands then they keep stealing my blind, I finally take a stand and they decide K2o, AJo, Arag or some other garbage is a good enough hand to call off 75% of their stack. If I'm restealing, I don't get lucky, if I have a hand they get lucky. At least that's how it's felt lately. Or whenever I'm shortstacked and find a hand I can push, someone wakes up with aces.

I have different strategies for different table types and players but I'm probably not using the right one at the right time.

Right now the challenge bankroll is at $386 and I've been getting my game back. It sucks to see almost 20% of your bankroll disappear, but these things happen, which is why it's important to follow good bankroll management practices.

Since my last update I also received my second Stellar Rewards Bonus, which is not being added to the bankroll. 

Time to continue making up the losses. I'll move back up to 6 tables at around $425-450. That will give me enough time to review those games and see how I might improve.

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