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I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.
Registration code: XXXXXX 742460

That time of year again, the series of freeroll tournaments for bloggers on PokerStars.

Didn't do that great in it last year. Think I had only one small cash in an 8-game tournament. Most of the games I learned that day.

Should be fun though and the prize pools are pretty big for freerolls.

All prizes are tickets into the Spring Championship of Online Poker.

Creating a Poker Club with PokerStars Home Games

PokerStars recently announced a new feature they are beta testing, PokerStars Home Games. The Home Games feature allows you to create your own Online Poker Club to set up private games for only the players you wish to invite.

You can create your own ring games as well as tournaments. Just like with a real poker club members earn points based on how well they do in tournaments. These points are tracked in the club lobby.

Right now it looks like it's only available in the play money client but from what I hear and the way things appear to be set up, it looks like it will eventually be available for real money too.

Setting up Your Own Poker Club

It's pretty straight forward, first thing is log into the client and click on the Home Games tab on the right.

Underneat the Home Games logo are two buttons, click the one that says Create A Poker Club.

This will bring up the following window that will allow you to give your club it's name and specify the invitation code that people you invite will use to join your club. Don't forget to agree to the Terms and Conditions then click the Create Club button.

You'll be able to change the invitation code later but the name you assign to your club seems to be permanent so give it some thought before deciding on it.

Once you're club is created you'll be presented with a message that lets you know what your club id number is. That's it, you're pretty much done creating a club.

Now send the club id number and invitation code to your family and friends to sign up.

Creating Club Tables and Tournaments

Now that you have your club you'll want to create some tables for your club members to play at.

Double click on your club in the Home Games lobby to bring up your Club lobby if it's not already open and click on the Manage Games Tab. You should see a screen like the one on the right.

You have the option of creating ring games or tournaments. 

Ring games are pretty simple. Click on the Create a Table... this will bring up a window that allows you to choose the options for your ring game.

You can choose from all the different types of tables PokerStars supports including Hold'em, Omaha, 8-game and more. Then choose if the game is no-limit, fixed limit or pot limit (if applicable), the number of seats at the table and the currency (only play money available right now). Then select the stakes from the list on the lower half of the window as shown below:

Creating Club Tournaments is just as easy and you have a lot of different options available. You control the date the tournament will start, the type of game, the buy-in, the payout structure, blind intervals, starting stacks and even if it's a knockout, rebuy, shootout or regular tournament. There's also an option to have the tournament count towards the club leaderboard.

When you create a ring game table or tournament your members will receive an email letting them know that a new game has been set up, unless they disabled email alerts.

It looks like a fun new feature and might be even better once it's available for more than just play money.

DoN SnG Challenge Update 13

It's been a couple of months since my last Double or Nothing Sit and Go Bankroll Challenge Update. I've been busy with a few things that didn't leave me much time to play a lot of poker or post updates.

By the way, I'm posting this update using a Google CR-48 Notebook running Google Chrome OS. I haven't had a chance to put it through it's paces yet but I have been using it to update and review my bankroll management spreadsheets. I'll likely post more about it at a later date.

I started this challenge with $150 and the challenge bankroll is now up to $2,804 only about $220 up from the last update. Win rate was pretty pathetic at around 55% with a buy-in ROI of just over 1%.

I'm running around $300 below EV for the period but I think the main problem has been adjusting to the $10 DoN games as well as getting used to playing again after having to take a number of long breaks from the games.

I've also been trying some new things. Some of them worked a lot of them didn't but I feel more comfortable with my game at these stakes now compared to when I first moved up in this challenge.

When I first moved up to the $10 games I played fewer tables than I was playing at $5 so I could focus more and have the time to take notes on the regulars. Playing fewer tables I was able to make a lot of moves I couldn't normally make, pick off more bluffs, trap more, bluff more, etc. The games were less boring but eventually I started over-thinking things more than I should and it cost me.

Eventually I felt more confident at these stakes and started moving from few tables in a tiled configuration to more tables in a stacked configuration like I used to with the $5 DoNs. I've been playing as many as 20 at a time but that was just to make sure I cleared another Stellar Rewards Bonus and achieved Platinum Star before the end of last year.

When I started this challenge about a year ago I had hopes that things would be progressing much faster than they have been. I was hoping to be at least one or two levels higher than I actually am now.  Part of the problem is I spent too time than I should have at the $5 DoNs to acculate FPPs to replace the TV in my office. Very happy with the TV from the VIP Store so I guess I can't complain too much.

Hopefully this year I can do much better. Now that I'm playing the $10 DoNs (and soon the $20's with any luck) it might be possible for me to reach SuperNova status this year but I'm not going to make that one of my goals.

My goals for this challenge are to continue to improve my game, keep moving up in stakes and keep that chart moving up :)

Some of you have been using my Double or Nothing SnG Bankroll Management Spreadsheet to track your own progress in these games. How have things been going for you?