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Bankroll Management Spreadsheets

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These Bankroll Management Spreadsheets are free but if you find them useful please
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Bankroll Management is an important part of being a successful poker player. I've developed a few different bankroll management spreadsheets that help me track my progress and let me know when to move up in stakes. The also provide some other useful statistics.

One of their features is they allow you to share your bankroll chart with others online. You can post the chart on a forum or on your blog. I use these spreadsheets and charts to track the progress of the bankroll challenges I'm running on this blog.

These spreadsheets are available for free to help you track your own progress or run your own bankroll challenges. All you need is a free Google Docs account to access them.

You can find more details and instructions for each spreadsheet below:

The Cash Game Bankroll Management Spreadsheet allows you to track your bankroll for all types of cash games, full ring, short handed, heads up, limit, no-limit or pot limit.

The spreadsheet will let you know what stakes to play, when to move up or down, how much to buy-in for as well as when you should leave the table with your winnings based on the rules you define. In addition some other interesting stats as well as the ability to chart your progress are available.

This spreadsheet is designed for Double or Nothing Sit and Go Tournaments. Simply enter your bankroll management rules and enter in your results and the spreadsheet will track your progress and let you know when it's safe to move up in stakes.

As with the other spreadsheets a chart is available which you can share on the web.

The MTT Bankroll Management Spreadsheet will track your progress in mutli-table tournaments of all kinds. 

It will guide you when you should move up in stakes and track your progress with some useful stats and a chart of your bankroll.

Bankroll management rules are customizable.

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Anonymous Says....

The regular STT spreadsheet is a littler more complicated and I haven't gotten around to making a spreadsheet I'm comfortable releasing yet.

At some point I was thinking of combining up with a better overall solution but I haven't had the time.

TwordsWerth Says....

Hey, the Poker cash tables I play are $0.02, $0.04 not the $0.02, $0.05 stated on your spreadsheet. I'm having difficulty changing this information to reflect the big blind difference on the spreadsheet. Could you help at all?

Kind Regards,

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