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PlayerVsPlayer Chart Software

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Against players I run across regularly, I like to keep tabs on how I'm doing against them and make changes to my game so that I play better against them.

Unfortunately Holdem Manager's vsPlayer report doesn't graph only the hands played against a specific player so I developed a little application that works with Holdem Manager that allows you to see a graph of winnings between two different players.

Just choose two players and you'll see a chart displayed indicating how much each player has won or lost versus the other over all the hands they've played.

I use this program when I first sit down at a table to quickly see how I've done in the past against the other players in the game and against players who I'm trying to improve my results against, I can easily see if the changes I'm making to my game are generating positive results or not.

For more information and to download check out the PlayerVsPlayer information page.

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