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DoN SnG Challenge Update 2

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Just a quick update on my Double or Nothing Sit-n-Go Challenge since I passed a sort of milestone.

I just doubled my working bankroll of $150 for this challenge and my bankroll is currently at around $310.

After 276 games I'm a bit disappointed with my win rate of only 60%.  In the past my win rate was closer 70% and I'm still trying to figure out how to get it back up there.

My ROI is almost 11% which is decent but if I can just bring my win rate up to 65% my ROI will almost double.

Looking around at the stats of some of the other DoN SnG regulars, it seems like maybe DoNs aren't as easy as they used to be.

In a while I'll start adding 2 more tables to my sets as my bankroll allows. That should help the graph move up faster.

I don't want to sound like I'm down on my results. These are pretty good. To put this in perspective, If I was a new player and made a $150 first time deposit, in addition to my $160 in winnings, I would have also cleared $30 in bonuses to bring my bankroll up to $340. In another 200 games or so my game winnings should be around $270 and I would have earned enough VPP to clear another $20 in bonuses and earned enough yearly VPP to get a $10 Stellar Rewards bonus to bring the bankroll up to around $480. In this hypothetical situation, by the time I cleared the total $150 bonus, my bankroll would be around $1,000.

You can see how starting with these DoN SnGs you can quickly build up a reasonable bankroll fairly quickly from a small deposit.

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