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Stellar Rewards Tracker

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With PokerStars new Stellar Reward Program  comes a new feature in the latest version of the PokerStars software to help you keep track of your progress in earning your next Stellar Rewards Bonus.

In the PokerStars cashier window there is a progress bar that lets you know how much your next bonus is and how close you are to reaching it. Clicking on the VIP Stellar Rewards button brings up another window showing you exactly how many more VIP Player Points (VPPs) you need until you reach the bonus.

I like this new feature because you don't have to remember when your Stellar Rewards Bonuses are due. Unlike VIP Reward Bonuses that you can purchase any time you have enough Frequent Player Points (FPPs), Stellar Reward Bonuses need to be purchased when you reach your VPP milestone and this progress bar will let you know how close you are every time you open the cashier window.

Whenever you attain a new VIP level, you get a congratulatory email from PokerStars but there is no email reminder that you are eligible for your Stellar Rewards Bonus. It would be nice if there was. Update: I was playing a set of DoN SnGs and as one of them finished, there was a pop-up window that congratulated me for attaining the next Stellar Rewards Bonus.

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