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DoN SnG Challenge Update 3

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Just a quick update on my DoN SnG Challenge.

I'm doing pretty well. My BR is up to $398.00 and I'll be adding two more tables bringing me to 6 tables at a time.

In my first update I discussed adding more tables when the bankroll gets to around $350-$400. The reason I chose this range is that 6 $5.40 tables totals $32.40. With a bankroll over $350 I don't have more than 10% of my bankroll at risk at any one time. For other types of games that might be cutting it thin but these games have little variance and I do well in them.

Currently, 6 games represents 8.14% of my challenge bankroll which gives me around 12 sessions. Some DoN regulars play for a set amount of time keeping a certain number of tables open at a time. When one game finishes, they open up another one. I prefer to open up all the tables when I start and then take a small break when they are all completed. It makes it easier for me to play when I'm at roughly the same stage at all the tables. The small break afterwards gives me time to decompress before starting a new set. For me, there is such a big difference between the first level and bubble that I need a few minutes to calm down.

Even in these low variance games bankroll management is very important as downswings do occur. For me Sundays continue to be just bad. I'm probably going to skip playing these on Sundays from now on. If I had skipped the last 2 Sundays my ROI would be substantially higher and I'd be almost half way to my first goal of $1,000. :( I've complained about playing DoNs on Sunday before so I won't vent here again.

During this challenge I've earned enough VIP Player Points (VPPs) to get my first $10 Stellar Rewards Bonus and close to getting my second. On the 25th I'll be purchasing getting a bonus when the $50 VIP Reward Bonus is on sale. I got some junk from the VIP Store last month and don't think I'll be able to get enough FPPs for a higher bonus. I wish I knew about the sale beforehand. I was happy I got the Pokerstars Scarf and Beanie but some of the other stuff I could have done without.

I've decided not to add the bonuses or rewards to this challenges' bankroll so the results are purely based on game play.

Overall things look to be on track for completing my first goal of $1,000 well before the 2 months I planned for it. Even with the crappy Sundays my stats aren't horrible and my chart continues to move up. With 2 more concurrent tables it should move up even faster if everything continues to go well.

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