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Joined Twitter

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Seemed like there was some cool stuff happening on Twitter in regards to poker so I decided to sign up. Don't know how much I'll be using it or what for but you can follow me if you'd like.

In my first day I followed a bunch of people, got a few folowers and had some cool exchanges.

The Good:

Able to keep up to date on what's happening with PokerStars, some of the top poker players and general poker happenings.

With the WBCOOP going on it's pretty cool to see live tweets from fellow WBCOOP players during the games.

Getting live tournament updates from @barrygreenstein@Annette_15 and @howardhlederer was pretty neat. Barry Greenstein tweets a lot at tournaments.

I've railed Greenstein a couple of times when he was playing online and he's always willing to chat with us nobodies which I thought was very cool. Seems like a really nice guy. Even though Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) is the current star of Team PokerStars (with good reason), watching Greenstein play and interact with his railers makes playing on PokerStars seem that much cooler. Just for Pete's sake stop asking him if you get his book if you knock him out! :)

Some interesting tweets from @Andy_Bloch and @joesebok. Joe Sebok is getting his new place decorated by Kristan Cunningham (@kcdesign) from HGTV's Design on a Dime. I used to be a big fan of DIY shows so it'll be cool to see how it turns out. She's posted some before pictures of Sebok's beach house.

The @PokerStars_com tweeters are pretty cool and reply quickly if you send them a message.

The Bad:

It didn't take long to get followed by a couple of spammers. Not that big a deal though.

I was very excited to get 3 direct messages from some of the big name poker players I followed; @gus_hansen, @Patrick_Antonius and @Erick_Lindgren. Unfortunately they all turned out to be spam for Full Tilt Poker. Very uncool! You don't want to provide real updates that's fine, but getting DM's like that is such a turn off.

I don't have any money on FTP, I sometimes jump in a freeroll, win a few bucks and then quickly lose it. There's always this thought that I should deposit there and play more but little things like this keep turning me off to the site.

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