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Spade Design Hoodie Backordered

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I decided I was going to try and keep my FPPs reserved for bonuses, satellites and tournament tickets but I really wanted the new Spade Design Hooded sweatshirt. Especially since it was going to be on sale.

There was a lot of talk about this particular item on different forums so I made sure I got up early and ordered it shortly after it went on sale.

It turns out that a lot of people did indeed order it during the sale and some orders may be delayed.

Orders from the VIP store usually take a few weeks so I'm not sure what a delay may mean.

This is the email I received this morning.
Due to the huge number of orders for the Spade Design Hooded Sweatshirt during the January Sale, there may be a delay in sending out all the items.

We anticipated that this would be a popular item, but we were taken by surprise at just how popular. Due to the unprecedented demand we cannot meet all requests from our existing stock.

Rest assured all orders will be fulfilled, and many of them within the usual timeframe. For those that experience a delay, we are extremely sorry.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.
Sucks, but hopefully because I got my order in so early mine will ship on time.

Unfortunately the new sale page doesn't list the day the items will be on sale any more, just what the current sale item for the day is. I have some of the VIP Reward Bonus sale dates listed in a previous entry.

Update 1/30/10:  Just received an email that my spade design hoodie has shipped :)

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Anonymous Says....

I was thinking about getting the dress shirt, but this one is really sweet aswell. Hoodies are a bit more casual aswell, and they're comfy.

How do you like it? :)

jason pingol Says....

how can i buy i from the philippines?
i really want this hoody..
please help.

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