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DoN SnG Challenge Update 5

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My bankroll for my Double or Nothing Sit-n-Go challenge is now up to $466.40 giving me around 211% return on my initial challenge bankroll of $150.

While I am still profitable, I'm not too thrilled with my performance. My winrate dropped down just under 60% and my ROI is only around 6%.

You can see from the chart that I had a pretty big downswing when I increased the number of simultaneous tables I was playing. I have since reduced the number but while my gains are increasing, they aren't doing so as fast as they were previously.

I'm see-sawing between playing too nitty and being too confident. I don't play the same strategy every time. I adjust based on table dynamics and to specific players. This has helped me stay profitable in these games but I seem to be making some of the wrong moves at the wrong times against the wrong players more than I'd like. I've been making some great reads on players hand strength but still spewing chips thinking I can get them to fold their trash hand in some cases. I've probably reached my monthly quota of being on the wrong end of a set over set situation so I should be good to push any set I hit for the rest of the month. :)

I also need to control my emotions more. Losing a big pot to a bad player seems to get under my skin a lot more than it should.

When I feel I'm playing well I'm going to play more tables, when I feel I'm not I'll drop back down. I really need to step it up to meet my goal of a $1k bankroll by the end of next month.

In a few more games I'll reach my next Stellar Rewards bonus and I'm also close to clearing my $50 VIP Reward Bonus that I picked up when it was on sale for 3,000 FPP. None of the bonuses are being added to the bankroll.

If I can increase my volume I might just barely reach Gold Star VIP status for the first time. That would increase my Frequent Player Points (FPP) multiplier to 2 instead of my current 1.5. Earning FPPs 33% faster would be nice and help me gain my next VIP Reward Bonus faster but I don't want to jeopardize my challenge for one extra star. (You can find out more about PokerStars VIP Program in a previous post about PokerStars Rewards and Bonuses).

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