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PokerStars Haiti Relief Fund Surpasses $1 Million

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There haven't been any official numbers released announcing this yet, but I just looked at the tournament lobby and realized that the PokerStars Haiti Relief Appeal is going to bring in over $1 million that will be donated to the Red Cross to help out those affected by the Haiti earthquake.

PokerStars players have generously donated money from their bankrolls. Over $115k (probably quite a bit more now) through transfers to the 'Haiti Relief' account and almost 27,000 players signed up for one of the Haiti Earthquake Relief tournaments raising  $432k.

That' brings the total of player donations to over $547k. will be matching player donations dollar for dollar which brings the total to over $1 million dollars.

This surpasses the amount of money PokerStars and it's players raised ($400k) in their Tsunami Relief Effort, which was the largest PokerStars charity drive before now. PokerStars also donated $50k to UNICEF in Alyssa Milano's Tweet Challenge.

Nice job everyone!

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