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WBCOOP Event 1 2010

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The first tournament in the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker has started. It's a no-limit hold'em game with 2,000 starting chips and blinds increasing every minute.

I didn't intend on live-blogging about any of my play in this game but I'm so disgusted with myself I wanted to share.

First thing I did while waiting for the tournament to start was check out the stats of the players at my table. Considering you can only get into these events if you have an approved poker blog, I'm pretty surprised I only found one winning player.

Unfortunately for him, he busted out early when he ran his big pair into a bigger pair.

I made a horrible move myself. Not one that knocked me out but one that should have tripled me up.

I limp in from late position with a medium pair. I know that's my first mistake there. My thinking was if I hit my set on a good board I'm likely to get action from the players in the blinds that are likely to be in the pot with me.

Flop comes and I hit middle set on 7 high board. Flop is suited and connected. Not that great but I'm pretty sure I have the best hand.

Small blind checks, big blind bets 2/3rds the pot, I reraise 3x his bet. Now the small blind check raises all-in. Almost 2k chips into pot that's only 300 chips! Big blind has the SB and me covered and shoves as well.

Maybe I've been playing too many double or nothing's lately cause I did the nitty thing and folded. It's very rare that I fold a set. I got my action and then I chickened out. Reason was we were early in the game, I didn't have many chips committed and didn't want to be up against 2 players with so many draws out there.

Big mistake. I fold and small blind shows TPTK (on a 7 high board!) with a backdoor flush draw and BB has bottom two pair.

SB improved and took a big chunk out of the BB and I just stared at the screen with my mouth wide open. Obviously a bad lay down for me but in an unraised pot against blinds that are willing to go broke, I think it wasn't that bad.

A few hands later, the BB had chipped up again and I was in a raised pot with him. He kept playing back at me and all I kept thinking was bluff me once, shame on you, bluff me twice shame on me.

I wasn't very happy with my hand but after watching him play I was pretty sure I had him beat. We got it all in, my hand stood up and he was gone.

Now I'm trying to find a way to get the chips the SB owes me :)

Didn't work out too well... I busted out just before the second break with a couple hundred left till the bubble when I decided to race with the big stack to try and get some chips. I flopped a set but they made a 1 card flush to knock me out. Hopefully the other events go better. I'd like to win some SCOOP tickets.

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