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Great Time To Purchase Pokerstars Bonuses!

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Pokerstars is having a sale in their VIP Store between January 12-31. Some of the items include some of the VIP Rewards Bonuses. I previously discussed how to use the VIP Reward Bonuses as a way to get Pokerstars Rakeback.

Each day, a different item will be on sale. The sale price will be updated in the VIP Store between 5:00-7:00 AM ET and will be available at that price for 24 hours.

Below is a summary of the discounts on rewards including the date they will be on sale. The best deal for us small stake players is the $50 VIP Rewards Bonus.

Original FPPs
Discounted FPPs
PCT Discount
Sale Date

Schedule your play to make sure you get enough FPPs by the day your desired bonus is on sale to take advantage of this great deal on VIP Bonuses. There is a restriction of one item per person which means you can only purchase one bonus at the sale price. 6,000 FPPs won't get you 2 $10 bonuses.

Some other nice items for sale are the Pokerstars Scarf and Beanie. Original FPP price was 1,700 and it will have a 50% discount on 1/12/2010 (today!) making it 850 FPP. I picked up the Pokerstars Scarf and Beanie as soon as it came out and I have to say that I'm very happy with it. Both are nice quality and helped keep me warm this winter. I like that it just has the Pokerstars Spade Logo instead of the text on it.

I had decided to use my FPPs for bonuses and tournament tickets but the new Spade Design Hoodie looks very cool. Normal price is 2,650 FPP but it's on sale for 1,800 FPP on the 16th. The sale price is cheaper than the standard Pokerstars Hoodie with the words on it.

I was planning thinking of getting the hoodie anyway and I prefer the spade logo over the text.

Tournament tickets and Step Tickets are also reduced which make them a great value. Check the January Sale site for more items and details.

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