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DoN SnG Challenge Update 14 (Final?)

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This is my last update for my Double or Nothing Sit-n-Go Bankroll Challenge because PokerStars has decided to discontinue the Double or Nothing SnGs .

Things started off pretty well for this last update but towards the end I hit a bad streak where I lost around $300.

The ending challenge bankroll was at $3,480. At my peak I was up to $3,760. My win-rate for this update fell to 54.9% because of the bad run but because of the large volume I was putting in at the $10.80 DoNs I did manage to increase the bankroll by around $676 since the last update. PokerStars did much better than me this time as I paid around $3k in rake. That kinda hurts.

Not sure what happened. Everything seemed to go downhill after the 15th which was the original last day of the DoNs until PokerStars decided to extend them until the end of the month. Probably the usual combination of playing poorly, getting sucked out on and getting coolered.

One disappointment for me is that I thought I had played enough games to earn enough FPPs for something I wanted from the VIP store. Either I was wrong about how much the item was or it was discounted the last time I looked so I'm a couple thousand FPPs short.

My biggest disappointment is that I didn't get past the $10 DoN level. I probably should have been more aggressive with my bankroll management strategy to work my way up faster.

What will happen with this challenge now?

I'm not really sure. I have three options.
  1. Continue playing DoNs on a different site.
  2. Continue the challenge playing PokerStars' new Fifty50 tournaments.
  3. Just stop the challenge and move on to different things.
Option 3 is appealing as DoNs have taken up a lot of my poker time and I've wanted to play more cash games and MTTs.

Option 1 is a possibility but I'm going to try the Fifty50's and see how it goes. So far I've been doing really well in the 100 or so I've played. Much better than I've been doing in DoNs lately too so we'll see. I haven't played enough games to know for sure and once people get more familiar with the format games will likely get tougher. I'm also running WAYYY over EV so far.

Other Sites That Offer Double Or Nothing SnGs

If you're looking to keep playing Double or Nothing SnGs I've done some digging and found these poker sites that offer DoNs. Use the link and follow the instructions to get rakeback.

SiteAllows USRakeback Bonus
Cake Poker Yes33% 110% up to $600
Minted PokerYes40%100% up to $400
Carbon PokerYes35%100% up to $600
Players OnlyYes35%100% up to $650
PokerHeavenNo30%200% up to 1000 EUR
PKRNo30%100% up to $800
NoiQ PokerNo30%100% up to 500 EUR

From what I've read traffic doesn't seem to be as good as on PokerStars so setting up accounts with different sites will be a good idea to be able to keep up the same volume you're probably used to. That's not necessarily a bad thing as you'll also be getting the sign up bonuses for the new sites if you use the links above as well as rakeback.

If you've used a program like TableNinja, that won't work on these sites though there might be other options using AutoHotKey scripts.

3 Response to "DoN SnG Challenge Update 14 (Final?)"

TomDaMan533 Says....

Im curious if stars will return to DON's i doubt 50/50's will get as much support. They were making a good deal of money off these tourneys.
As for your challenge, id be very interested to see what the 50/50 graph will look like compared to DON's its certainly a unknown.
Great Post Again!

Anonymous Says....

Thanks Tom.

From what I read PokerStars' official statement on 2+2 is that they are not reconsidering the decision.

If I keep playing the Fifty50's for the challenge I'm hoping the graph stays about the same or even improves.

There's one DoN player Bogdann1982 that switched over the to Fifty50's early and he's had very good results.

I played some today and they filled up quick with the DoNs gone and I didn't see too many DoN regulars.

Are you still playing the 6-max sngs? How are they going?

Vera Says....

you can play on sportsbook. I have an account there just rarely play at that site. I think they are part of the cake network (no HEM or PTR but you can use tournament indicator there). They did update their skin it looks like carbon pokers-though I don't play their either anymore. The draw back to sportsbook is there are not a lot of players-but the DoNs do fill pretty fast.

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