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Daniel 'KidPoker' Negreanu vs Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom HU Match Is On!!!!

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Last month I posted on how Daniel Negreanu was practicing his HU game to play Viktor Blom in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown.

He had been taking on some really good poker players in 4 table HU matches trying to improve his HU game and he crushed most of them at $5/$10 NLHE HU.

Recently he moved up to $50/$100 NL. He destroyed K_O_S_T_Y_A by winning over $100k (replay) but lost just over $100k to Sauce123 yesterday (replay) at these stakes.

I was railing the game against KOSTYA and after he busted him on one of the tables another player sat with Negreanu. He played a few hands with him until he finished off KOSTYA on the other table and at the end of the session said something like 'you suck as a practice partner, you're nothing like Isildur'. I don't think he meant to be a prick but I found it hillarious.

Now Negreanu thinks he's ready to take on Viktor Blom in the SuperStar Showdown.

This will be slightly different that the other SuperStar Showdowns because it will run over 2 weekends, Sunday March 20 and Sunday March 27 at 3:00pm EST.

Each day will consist of 4 $50/$100 heads up no-limit hold'em tables with each player having a $150,000 bankroll for the showdown and play the usual 2,500 hands. Then the next week they'll continue the match with the money they had the previous week for another 2,500 hands. Twice as many hands as the other SuperStar Showdowns!

In my last post on Negreanu's heads up games I predicted that the match might come up in a couple of months. I didn't expect it so soon but he's been putting in a lot of time working on his game and recently tweeted that 'April is the new May', because he usually relaxes in May to get ready for the WSOP but with tournament schedules moved up this year, he'll be taking off in April.

So March seems like the only time he can do it and why not when he's been on fire lately.

I don't play a lot of heads up so I can't really comment on Negreanu's game but his results are pretty impressive and they've been fun to watch.

This SuperStar Showdown should be $%#ing awesome to watch! If you don't already have a copy, download PokerStars software from to be able to watch the match. Once you create an account and log in, hit CTRL-P to bring up a window showing the currently logged in Team PokerStars players when the match is scheduled to run to be able to find Daniel Negreanu or Viktor Blom. Then double click one of their names and in the new window that comes up double click the 4 tables they're playing at to watch.

I have a feeling this is not something most poker players will want to miss!

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