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PokerTableRatings Premium Is Online

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PokerTableRatings is a service that data mines no-limit holdem and Omaha cash games across various online poker rooms.

You can review your own hands and stats as well as those of other players. From their website you can access basic statistics for free or you could purchase hand histories to import into your poker stat software such as Holdem Manager, PokerOffice or PokerTracker.

PokerTableRatings today has launched a new PTR Premium service which expands on the stats you can find on their website.

Premium Content

"Peel into the deep layers of every online poker player. In-depth player stats, position analysis, player modeling, and opponent match ups, are just some of the many features unlocked with premium access."

They're basically providing the types of reports and statistics you can find in your poker statistics software online through their website.

Premium Hand Replayer

"Watch hand replays with key player stats on every player. Was that a call the player would normally make, or was he on tilt? Now you've got enhanced insight."

They're free replayer had received some major improvements recently but  with PTR Premium you also get to see HUD stats such as VP$IP, PFR, 3bet and Aggression Frequency as well as a pop up that includes some other stats.

Last month as I was looking for one of Daniel Negreanu's microstakes sessions I missed, I got to see the PTR Premium Replayer in action. It looks like it was accidentally put online for a short period and I managed to get some screenshots.


"A near real-time view of the tables you're playing, with your opponents and their key stats listed while you play."

This looks pretty neat. You can get a web based HUD and view stats for the players at your tables. It's probably not as convenient as using a HUD from a program like Holdem Manager or PokerOffice but the data is based on a lot more hands than most people have access to.

Premium Table Finder

"Use our powerful table finder to not only find the best tables, but see who's sitting at them, their key stats, and stack sizes without ever opening your poker room."

PTR has had a table finder for a long time. You input criteria such as poker site, stakes, game type and it would display a list of active tables as well as table average VP$IP, PFR and Agg Factor. This made table selection pretty easy.

The new PTR Table Finder is even better. It allows you to drill-down each table and see exactly who is sitting and what their individual stats are so you don't have to go just by table averages.

Unfortunately the old table finder is gone and the only one available is the Premium Table Finder. As far as I can tell, all the previous free services are still available with registration except for the table finder.

In the past I don't believe there was a restriction on the number of searches a registered user could make. Now you need to pay to make more than 10 searches a day.  Pricing starts at $9.99.

Other PTR features are still there such as the buddy list where you can add players to your buddy list and receive emails notifications when they start playing.

You can also still purchase hand histories in bulk for different stakes, games and poker sites to import into your poker tracking software.

Keep in mind though that purchasing hands histories and even accessing PTR while playing is against the polices of many major online poker sites.

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