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PokerTableRatings New Replayer

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I noticed Daniel Negreanu tweeted that he was going to hit the 100/200 NLHE tables on Pokerstars after busting out of the EPT main event in Monte Carlo. I missed the live action so I turned to PokerTableRatings to check out the replay. (PTR) is a site where you can check both your own and other players cash game stats (NLHE and Omaha only). You can even download hand histories to import into PokerTracker, PokerOffice or Holdem Manager to give your database a boost.

PTR provides a lot of information as well as the ability to replay hands and sessions. The PTR hand replayer was recently overhauled but I just noticed that there was another change that looks like it came online today.

In the replayer you can now see the players stats just as if you were running a HUD.

Underneath the players name are 4 stats. VP$IP, PFR , 3Bet and Aggression Frequency.

Hovering over a player's stats brings up a popup that includes the following stats:

Hands: The number of hands PTR has on the player.
Net $: Total amount of money player is up according to PTR
BB/100: Win rate expressed in Big Bets per 100 hands.
VP$IP: Percentage player voluntarily put money in the pot.
PRF: Percentage player raised preflop.
Cold Call: Percentage player called a raise preflop.
3 Bet: Percentage player 3 bet preflop.
4 Bet: Percentage player 4 bet preflop.
AF: Aggression Factor. A ratio of aggressive (betting, raising) to passive (checking, calling) actions made postflop.
AFQ: Aggression Frequency. Percentage player takes an aggressive action vs a passive one.

UPDATE: Hmm... a few hours later and now this feature isn't there any more? Maybe it was part the new PTR Premium services that haven't been released yet but somehow accidentally made it to the live site?

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Gugel Says....

They launched PTR Premium Beta (limited to only 100 users). My guess is that some of the features accidentally sneaked into the replayer for a while.

I got a sneak peak of PTR Premium (with screenshots):

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