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Free Poker Bankrolls

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I ran across a site recently that is willing to get you started playing poker on a number of different sites without having to deposit any of your own money.

All you need to do is verify your identity and phone number and that's it.

It seems too good to be true but apparently it's legit. I did some searching and the company has been around for a number of years and I haven't run across any complaints.

Their best deal is $150 free at Titan Poker but their also have good deals for PartyPoker, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Cake Poker and Tower Poker. If you've only played on FTP or PokerStars because you have been concerned about depositing money on a smaller site, this is a great way to give a new site a try.

If you're a cash game player, use my free bankroll management spreadsheet to help guide you in proper bankroll management practices so you don't just blow it all in one shot.

Check out for your free bankroll.

7 Response to "Free Poker Bankrolls"

Anonymous Says....

To me it makes sense.

Take a -2BB/100 player and give him $100. Good BRM they are rolled for 5NL so let's assume that's all they play.

It will take them 50,000 hands to lose that $100. Rake $0.30/100 hands sounds right for 5NL. Over 50k hands that $100 generates $150 in rake.

People have higher/lower win rates but I guess since they've been doing this for at least a couple of years that numbers work out in their favor when you combine winning and losing players and throw in people that redeposit.

The Poker Meister Says....

Maybe I'm skeptical, but the large majority of people are not going to play $5nl with $100. I have a very low opinion of your average Joe, where he's going directly to the 100nl table, or maybe - just maybe - the 50nl table and blowing through his fun money in 50-100 hands. Think about it, does your [non-poker-playing] sister or co-worker know anything about bankroll management? Better, do they even know how to play poker? They know that they're getting free money, which is the part that doesn't jive with me. Have you tried this yourself? It sounds like a hoax or scam to me (though I haven't tried it).

One other thing: looks like you got that author Tom Mitchell to respond! He was pretty [understandably] defensive. Interesting...

Anonymous Says....

There are some requirements before you can cash out. One of them is that you play at least 2,500 hands.

The same people that run RakeTracker run YourPokerCash. There are a few posts on 2p2 on them and they seem to be legit.

I haven't tried it yet but I'm considering it in the future.

The Poker Meister Says....

My guess is that there is no rakeback agreement, either, which depending on how long you plan on playing, may be a big money loser over the long run. However, the rakeback is not a dealbreaker; logically, this allows you to try a site completely risk free. I would probably want to pick a site which does not have rakeback anyway. 2500 hands can be completely pretty quickly, too. This may be worth a try, particularly if 2p2 people are talking about it...

The Poker Meister Says....

Update: Just looked at the cached pages (can't get there from work). Looks to me that they only offer sites which have rakeback agreements available.

Prolly does not make sense for someone like you or me who can easily generate the $100 in rakeback on your own anyway (within the first WEEK!). I think this targets your run-of-the-mill donk, but I'm not sure how they cover their outlay, when most people are going to lose within the first x number of hands. If they get someone like me in there, I'm going to cancel out 2 of their losses per week (I generate at least $100 / weak in rakeback), but is a player like me ever going to sign up through them? What's my motivation other than avoiding the deposit risk?

One other note: The $$$ they promise are really only half of what they list; for example, they deposit $50 on FT for you, but after 1000 frequent player points, FT releases the bonus $50... so it's not $100 up front. Playing 5nl would take *FOREVER* to recover 1k in FPPs.

Summary: Interesting proposition, but you & I are better off depositing our money and capturing a rakeback deal.

Anonymous Says....

You play 50NL-100NL and mainly Rush Poker as well. You need a lot more than a $100 bankroll to play at those stakes so the amount of rakeback you make per hand is an order of magnitude higher than a 5NL player. Plus I'm assuming you play more than one table.

This isn't for everyone but I think it's great for the recreational player that wants to have some fun playing with real money but doesn't want to put any of their own money at risk.

If they can get 10k hands out of their free bankroll that could be a whole years worth of play for someone like this.

For US Players, depositing can be a hassle and this way they avoid that all together.

Is this good for everyone? Probably not but I think it appeals to a lot of people.

People that otherwise wouldn't have tried to play online poker might give this a go and any way fresh money comes on the poker table is fine by me :)

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