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KidPoker Grinding the Micros Again

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Watching Daniel Negreanu (KidPoker) playing $0.25/$0.50 NL on PokerStars for his $10-$100k bankroll challenge. Posting some big hands. Will fill in some details later.

Chart on right shows his challenge bankroll progress.

The micros have been pretty hard on Negreanu lately. Do you think you can do better? Use my free bankroll management spreadsheet to help you get started.

Continue reading this post to see some of the key hands from the 4 tables he played tonight.

Table 1

Started off the day pretty good.

Left first table up $25.40

Table 2

Second table, not so much.

First hand really sucked.

Finally finished off in this hand.

Down $31.35 for this table.
Down $5.95 total for the day so far.

Table 3

Now playing third table. Bought in for $25.10, currently at $10.55

Maybe minraising isn't always a great idea. This hand sucked.

Strange hand, want to look at this closer when I have time.

Coming Back?

Chart from the turn:

KidPoker said, "really?"
KidPoker said, "ok gamble time"
KidPoker: calls $19.65 and is all-in

Why Daniel why? You just made a nice comeback. This is the profit/hand for table 3:

Below is a shot from the PokerOffice Replayer showing the odds for the hand. Math says "no" Kid Poker says "let's go!"

Done with table three. Down $25.10 on this table,
Down $31.05 so far today.
Ending BR $100.48

Looks like it's back to $0.10/$0.25 NL since his next buy-in of $20.10 isn't enough for $0.25/$0.50 minimum of $25.

Table 4

Ooops! Looks like he's not done for the day. Just noticed he's at another .25/.50 NL table Looks like he bought in for $20.10. I'm confused, I thought the minimum was $25? Errr... Made a mistake. $10 is min buyin for .25/.50 NL except for the 50BB min tables.

Nothing too exciting except for the last hand.

Looks like bankroll is now down to $80.38. Around $190 down from the peak of $272.18 before he started .25/.50 NL.

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