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Another Buy-In Down for KidPoker

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Daniel Negreanu (KidPoker) has lost another buy-in today at the low stakes no-limit hold'em tables on PokerStars.

This is his 3rd session since he moved up to $0.25/$0.50 NLHE and so far it's been 1 for 3 with one small win and two buy-ins lost.

His current bankroll is at $177.78, down from the $253.68 he started these stakes with.

Down 2 buyins in 3 sessions is how he started his run at the $0.10/$0.25 tables and he managed to recover. Maybe there's something to his aggressive bankroll management system. I might give it a shot on the side but for now, I'm happy with my current bankroll management strategy. If I lose a buy-in, it's just a small little blip on my graph.

Since I'm doing my own bankroll management challenges I am trying to follow his progress. I recently posted my thoughts on Daniel Negreanu's Bankroll Challenge and why I think he might have a very tough time turning his $10 into $10,000. Included in that post is a chart showing is bankroll progress that gets updated whenever I notice new sessions so you can bookmark that page and follow along. Some of the other charts will be updated as well showing his variance and winrates as he moves up in stakes.

The session was pretty uneventful except for his last hand which was a pretty tough beat.

It feels like this type of crap happens to me all the time too. I'll be winning a lot of small pots and build up a good stack then blow it all when I pick up a monster against some guy that decides to play back and winds up outdrawing me.

You have to be cautious when slow playing Aces. Especially against 4 opponents. I probably would have 3bet pre flop and re-raised large on the flop. It's a tough spot. You don't want to chase everyone away so your monster will get paid off, but that was a pretty ugly flop and the turn brought a possible straight draw and if villain flopped the flush draw he would have hit it on the turn.

On the turn with an overpair and the nut flush draw, there's no getting away from the hand with the amount of money already in the pot. The following table shows each players equity in the hand street by street.
Pre Flop
Negreanu had him crushed up until the turn but still had a decent shot at a redraw to the flush, a better two pair if the another 4 or 6 came or hitting another Ace for a set.

It's fun to watch such a huge name in poker playing stakes I can afford. While I don't enjoy watching him lose a hand like that, it's good to see it can happen to anyone so the rest of us shouldn't get too upset when we run into bad luck. Also a reminder why bankroll management is so important.

If you didn't get to see the action live, you can replay the session on

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