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Most Online Poker Players Will Not Switch to Live Poker

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There has been a lot of talk about online poker players transitioning to live poker play. I just don't see it happening, at least not in large numbers.

A lot of online poker players are essentially shut out of making money from poker.

There are a small number of poker players making millions of dollars a year online. There are some that can make a good living playing online poker at mid stakes full time with no other source of income.

The majority of poker players, that do have some sort of steady income from poker, are part-time poker players.

Playing live poker is going to be much harder to do than playing online poker. A typical part-time online poker player can come home after his day job, sign on to his favorite poker site, play a few hours and that's it. It's something that they can easily squeeze in between their job, their family and other commitments.

Now if s/he has to drive to a cardroom, wait for a table, tip dealers, pay for food, etc., they're just not going to be playing as much as they used to. It is going to be harder to fit into their schedule.

Live poker is much slower as well. When you're sitting at a poker table you can expect to be dealt around 30 hands per hour. That's not even factoring in commute and wait times. If you're mulitabling even just 4 tables online, you're being dealt over 300 hands per hour.

Winning poker players biggest competitor is variance. The way to conquer variance is to put in a lot of volume. Someone who only plays poker a couple of hours a night may only be able to drive once a week to a casino and play for 8 hours.

Now they're playing 240 hands a week compared to the thousands of hands they would normally play a week online. The long term in live poker is a lot longer than online poker.

People were able to have a good part-time job multi-tabling something as small as 25NL online and be their own boss. Now the minimum most people have access to live will be around 1/2.  

Even if live poker is easier it will get harder once the full-time pros transition to live. The loss of online poker is going to be hardest on these players, who make up the majority of online winners.

3 Response to "Most Online Poker Players Will Not Switch to Live Poker"

Ron Zucker Says....

That assumes that there's even a local game for you. I have to travel 3-4 hours to my nearest brick and mortar game. If I do that, I either have to play successfully enough to afford a hotel room overnight, not to mention food and drink, or I have to drive 6-8 hours AND play as well as I can for 8-10 hours AND hope to overcome variance (don't ASK me about the rivered runner runner straight flush to beat my 4 of a kind, only to discover that the bad beat jackpot didn't run on weekends).

I have a good home game available, but it plays at stakes that are higher than my bankroll can handle. I think I might be done until poker comes back to the US online. And yeah, I'm pretty bitter about it.

jarred Says....

no poker where i live but yet in my state online poker is legal. None of this shit makes any sense the government just wants to tax everything so they can keep spending more money. I thought this was a democracy it seems to me that the government is trying to regulate every little thing we do but wait thats not a democracy. At least you can play poker in Russia Fuck the USA bunch of fat greedy politicians. This is all Bush's fault too that fucking faggot i hope he dies in a fucking car accident for being such a fucking cock sucker.

tuuky Says....

I have dual citizenship to US and Brazil and was wondering the implications of opening a bank account down there (I live in the US) to feed online poker. Can anyone educate me on the implications of that?

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