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Reading various poker blogs has helped me think about poker in different ways.

I've been trying to increase my subscriptions to poker blogs in my blog reader.

A lot of poker blogs I found are no longer update. Some seem to have been sold to spammers.

I tried to whittle down the list to known good blogs but I know I'm missing a lot. There are many sites I visit regularly from Google search but I forgot to bookmark or add to my reader.

Other blogs I'd like to read regularly don't have feeds, like Phil Galfond's blog, which makes them harder to follow.

If you have any suggestions for good poker blogs that you read please let me know in the comments below.

You can subscribe to my feed with this link:

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2 Response to "Poker Blogs"

Rez Says....

Thanks - this list is great. I have you on my iGoogle page... makes it handy for RSS feeds to show up when you open the browser. (I've never gotten into Google reader or it's counterparts that much). I will be checking some of these. Oh, and you forgot one, ---> !!

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