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MTT Bankroll Management Spreadsheet

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If you liked my Cash Game Bankroll Management Spreadsheet and DoN SnG Bankroll Management Spreadsheet you might get some good use out of my multi-table tournament (MTT) bankroll management spreadsheet.

It has the same features as the other spreadsheets in that it suggests your buy-in based on your bankroll management rules, keeps track of your progress and provides you with some useful stats, allows you to publish your bankroll chart on the web.

Poor bankroll management practices can result in a winning player going bust so it's important to keep good records and follow a sound strategy to keep your bankroll safe.

There's a lot of variance and there can be some big swings in MTTs so this spreadsheet isn't as straightforward as the previous ones.

Because a big score in an MTT can dramatically increase your bankroll you can be rolled to play in much higher games than you are used to but just because you had a big win doesn't mean your ability has dramatically increased. I tried to tie the recommended buy-in to the average buy-in to keep the spreadsheet from suggesting buy-ins that were too much above the buy-ins you have the most experience in but you'll still want to use your judgement when you move up in stakes. This spreadsheet is still a work in progress.

This spreadsheet can be used for all your MTTs or you can create separate spreadsheets to segregate different types of tournaments. For example you could create three different copies. One for Turbo MTTs, one for 180 SnGs and one for ReBuys tournaments. Since your bankroll management strategy should reflect your winrate and potential variance it makes sense to separate them since different types of games have different variance and you're ability might be different in them.

If you choose to mix tournament types try to adjust the recommended buy-in accordingly. For example if your recommended buy-in is $10 and you normally play regular speed full ring MTTs you might want to buy-in for less in a 6-max turbo MTT. If you're throwing in a rebuy tournament, try to keep your buy-in + rebuys + addon close to your recommended buy-in. This is one area where you're going to need to use your judgment.
These Bankroll Management Spreadsheets are free but if you find them useful please
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Current Version: 1.0 (click version number to get a copy)

Getting Started With The MTT Bankroll Management Spreadsheet

Step 1: Get a Copy

The spreadsheet is available for free you just need a Google Docs account. Click on this link to create a copy in Google Docs folder.

After you create a copy you can rename it to something more useful such as "Turbo MTT Bankroll" or whatever is most fitting for you.

Step 2: Set up your bankroll management rules

After creating your copy, open up the spreadsheet and click on the Bankroll Rules sheet link on the bottom of the spreadsheet to enter in the rules that will define your bankroll management strategy.

The Bankroll Rules sheet has 4 cells in white which will determine your recommended buy-in.

Starting Bankroll
The amount you are starting your MTT bankroll with. This is a portion of your bankroll that you are using only for multi-table tournaments.
Buyin % of BR
The percent of your bankroll you will risk in any one tournament. For MTTs it is recommended to give yourself around 100 buy-ins to work with. 1% will give you 100 buy-ins, 2% 50, 0.5% 200.
Fudge Factor
This setting gives you a little bit of leeway so you can stay at the current buy-in level a bit longer if you hit a loosing streak.
Max above avg BI
The maximum above you're average buy-in that your bankroll rules will recommend for your next buy-in. When this setting is at 75% if you're average buy-in is $10 and you suddenly hit a big win your next buy-in recommendation won't be for more than $17.50 even though your Buyin % of BR rule will allow much higher buy-ins. The purpose of this setting is to keep you from moving up too fast into buy-ins you don't have much experience in.
Chart Settings: Winnings Only?
Determines whether your bankroll chart will start at your starting bankroll or $0 and display profits only.
The fields in grey (Recc Buyin, Max Buyin, Num Games, Num Games w/FF) gives you an indication of what buy-in and how many games your buy-in allows given the criteria you entered.

Tournaments Header

The header in the Tournaments sheet gives you a summary of your bankroll and your performance as well as suggested buy-in for your next tournament. It should be self explanatory except for the buy-in recommendations so I'll only go over those in detail.
Suggested BI
This is the suggested buy-in for your next tournament. It uses the Buyin % of BR and Max above avg BI rules to come up with this number based on your current bankroll. This is the safest number to use.
Allowable BI
The allowable buy-in is the Suggested BI with your Fudge Factor applied.
Max BI (not rec'd)
The Max BI works solely off your Buy-in % of BR and Fudge Factor rules and ignores your average buy-in. You don't normally want to play tournaments this high but you can use this number if you want to take a shot at a bigger buy-in event but still not play too far outside your bankroll. You might want to limit this to big series that only come up a few times a year like the SCOOP, WCOOP and FTOPS events.
Just remember these are suggestions and the average buy-in might not be very relevant depending on the number of tournaments you have entered in the spreadsheet use your best judgment when deciding to buy-into your next tournament or move up in stakes.

Entering Tournament Data

Tournament data is entered in the Tournaments sheet. This is where you'll enter the information for each tournament you play. Only the white cells need to be changed, the grey cells have values that are computed for you. When entering a new tournament copy and paste from the previous line to copy all the formulas.

Enter the following information for each tournament:
The date of the tournament in month/date/year format
Start Time
The time you started playing the tournament.
Finish Time
The time you finished the tournament. Either when you won or busted out.
The total number of entrants in the tournament. Some tournaments have late registration so keep that in mind.
Total Buy-In
The total buy-in for the tournament including any rake, rebuys and add-ons.
Place Finished
Your finish position in the tournament.
The total prize you won in the tournament. If you made a deal enter the actual value you received from the deal not what you would have won if there was no deal. If there were any extras such as bounties, add those too.

Updating and Publishing Your Bankroll Chart

In the Bankroll Chart sheet you need to update the rows to reflect your new tournaments and edit the chart. It's just a few steps but it allows you to visually see your bankroll progress.

You can also choose to publish your chart if you would like to include your MTT bankroll progress on your blog or other site on the web. The chart image will update whenever you update your spreadsheet.

The instructions for updating and publishing your bankroll chart are the same as for all my other bankroll management spreadsheets so refer to the cash game bankroll spreadsheet for instructions on updating publishing your poker bankroll chart.

7 Response to "MTT Bankroll Management Spreadsheet"

Robin van Nooij Says....

The calculation of $/hour and $/tournament seem to be wrong.

$/hour should be divided by 24

"=if (C4 > 0, C3/C4, 0)"

$/tournament should be divided by C5 instead of C4.

Anyway, love the sheet :)

Anonymous Says....

Thanks Robin, I made the changes. I made the mistake of not dividing by 24 so many times you think I would have known better by now.

Anonymous Says....

When downloading the spreadsheet the macros disappear. Anyway to prevent that?

matt williams Says....

Great site! I am going to try and build my bank roll using this from $200 to $1000. I am playing 45 man sit and goes at the moment but am looking to start playing 2.50 180 mans when my bankroll hits 250-260! Also I will play some bigger tounys when I have the time.

Wish me luck!!

G.Peter Says....

HI! This sheet awesome! But i have a question. U can do cashout option?

seuny Says....

if i enter the start time for example 15:00 or 15:00:00 i get #### any way on how to fix that or what am i doing wrong?

btw thx for sharing this great bankroll sheet!

Anonymous Says....

I don't understand how to use the Bankroll Chart sheet. What do you mean by update the rows to reflect tournaments? What do do I need to enter here? Thank you.

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