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DoN SnG Challenge Update 6

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Things haven't been going as great as they were at first. My ROI has dropped. The current Double Or Nothing Sit-n-Go Challenge bankroll is at $514.60 which is a 243% gain from my initial challenge bankroll of $150.

My high was $527.20 but it's been up and down since then.

I've been having a bit of a hard time lately adjusting to playing 6 simultaneous tables. Not quite sure why since I've played that many and more in the past without a problem.

I'm not using any type of heads up display (HUD) and I seem to be finding myself in situations where I have to call a reraise from a player and I'm not quite sure what range I can put him on. Is he pushing fours? Aces? AQ? JTs? This has forced me to make some tough decisions and they haven't always been correct.  In the near future I'm going to invest in either Holdem Manager or PokerOffice. Not sure which yet. I've tried both in the past, mostly PokerOffice.

Because these games are fairly easy I also tend to do some other things like check email, update websites, return calls, etc, while the action is slow. I should probably play fewer tables when my focus isn't always there.

I've also run across some new regulars and I've been wasting chips calling them down just to see how they play. Maybe not a great idea but hopefully the information gained will start to pay off.

One other big factor is I've been tilting a lot lately. If I have some donk at multiple tables, and he does something stupid to bust me on one table, I'll wind up trying to get back at him at other tables and it just doesn't work out the way I thought. Need to remember this is a game where discipline is important.

On the plus side, I've earned $90 in Stellar Rewards Bonuses and VIP Bonuses. I'm more than half way to my last $10 Stellar Reward and have almost enough VPPs for another $50 bonus. I'm not including bonuses in this bankroll.

If I had started this challenge with a new account and deposited $150, I would have also cleared the first time deposit bonus. With all rewards and bonuses my bankroll would be at $754.60. So it seems the double or nothing sngs are good bankroll builders.

Time to make some adjustments, find my happy place and hopefully improve my performance, otherwise I won't reach my goal of $1k by the end of the month. :(

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